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Route Map

Route Map

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Tour of Winnipeg

2724 St. Mary’s Cathedral on York Street, in view from my hotel window

Statue of the Hindu deity, Ganesha, in front of the East India Company restaurant on York Street

A classy-looking restaurant flung out over the Red River, attached to the side of the Esplanade Riel a footbridge.

Legislative Building for the Province of Manitoba

Government House, residence of the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, 1883 .

Government House, Legislative Building in background.

“Bears on Broadway” polar bear sculptures by Helen Toews, “Because we care.” Canadians are very conscious about the environment.

Louis Riel 1844-1885, leader of the Metis people of the Prairies, president of the nation of Red River, a Canadian folk hero. He is honored here with the Legislative Building in the background.

Elm trees. Dutch elm disease, which has destroyed most of the elms in the United States is still being actively resisted in Canada. Everyone is encouraged not to use elm firewood or to transport its lumber very far.

Assinboine River, looking upstream from the Osborne Bridge. Many of the great cities can say “A river runs through it." The Red river and the Assinboine run through Winnipeg.

Ukranian Canadians were imprisoned in Winnipeg during World War I, simply because of their race. Now, after the nationrepented, their leader is honored in front of the Legislative Building. The United States did not so honor the Japanese after their internment based or race during World War II.

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  1. I'd like to hear the Story of Ganesha and the Environmental Polar Bears. I like this relaxed view, as if from windows of a bus or a stroll with you. Can't wait for more views and stories... you've boxed the bike, wine glasses here and red table waiting... looking forward to seeing you soon!