Sharon Hawley has finished her bicycle trip in Canada for this summer. She hopes to complete the adventure in another year. Please follow her winter adventure at

Route Map

Route Map

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This summer, I plan to ride across Canada by myself, carrying all my stuff. I cycled across the Untied States in this way during the summer of 2007 ( This trip will just continue that homeless wandering. Please join me here and leave comments as I add to this blog from my laptop.

I will leave Southern California May 9 on a ship bound for Vancouver, BC. From there I will pedal east to Bangor, Maine, some 4000 miles.

Tentative Schedule
5/31 Jasper, Alberta
6/8 Drumheller, Alberta
6/14 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
6/27 Winnipeg, Manitoba
7/11 Thunder Bay, Ontario
7/21 Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
8/4 Ottawa, Ontario
8/9 Montreal, Quebec
8/15 Quebec City, Quebec
8/25 Edmundston, New Brunswick
9/5 Bangor, Maine


  1. I look forward to following your journey across donut land.

  2. I am really happy to know that you are covering Country #2..Hope there are many more to come :)You never know !!!

    God Bless,

  3. We're breathlessly waiting (while you luxuriate up the coast) for your first real post from the bike trip! Anonymous (Johnzie) above is right! I am guessing (as you know) China is next, they love bikes there, (as I have shown on my own pages) but first... here we go on your adventure!

  4. I wish you good roads, pleasant weather, and gentle places to rest. I look forward to hearing about what you discover about your environment, yourself and other sentient beings along your journey. You go girl!
    Sharon Rizk (Posted as Anonymous just because I don't have a URL)

  5. Thank you Michael, Johnzie, Kathabela and Sharon Rizk. I am in Vancouver, BC, looking at the road east on which I embark tomorrow morning.
    Thanks for caring.
    Sharon Hawley

  6. May you have the strength of cedar and refreshment of roses... (I learned this symbolism at Golestan Palace today, and it seems right for you! Sending love into your travels and to your adventurous spirit!

  7. Hello mom wow you have nice blog with so good pictures. I love them and I wish I am with you. Our prayers are with you and we wish you best of luck. God bless. Too many hugs.

  8. Dear mom, Hope you are doing fine and you are healthy and safe. we are praying, and looking forward to hear from you soon. God bless.

  9. Hi Sharon
    Its amazing how much determination, spirit and passion you have for cycling. Quite a feat. hats off to you! I pray you be safe at all times and be a source of inspiration to many, especially those like minded souls who need guidance.
    God be with you. Enjoy your trip.