Sharon Hawley has finished her bicycle trip in Canada for this summer. She hopes to complete the adventure in another year. Please follow her winter adventure at

Route Map

Route Map

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Day Out

Trans-Canada Trail
Hi, from Mission, a town on the Fraser River in British Colombia. I’m about seventy kilometers east of the starting point in Vancouver. I floated up the coast from Los Angeles on a cruise ship, the Sapphire Princess, indulging in fine dining and relaxation. Three nights in Vancouver’s YWCA provided a clean and inexpensive base for visiting the city’s Stanley Park, Chinese Garden, nude beach near the University of British Columbia, and the Anthropology Museum at UBC.

Yesterday, I pedaled through city and suburb for half a day before joining the Trans-
Canada Trail that visionaries hope will someday span the entire country. I pushed the loaded bike up the too-steep-to-ride trail on Burnaby Mountain, and just when it seemed too hard to go on, I looked down and could almost see the hotel I woke up at that morning, some 20km away and 300 meters below me. Forty more kilometers on roads, and I came to Mission, very tired and knowing that the cruise ship had left me out-of-shape.

It’s good to be underway.


  1. I am so happy for you that your trip is underway. How exciting. Even though I don't get to go on a trip like you are taking physically, I look forward to the virtual journey via your lovely blog. Enjoy each and every day on your bicycle.

  2. Love this photo of the trail ahead, it has the feeling of anticipation and unknown. Now that is the kind of trail I would ride... if all bike lanes looked like that you would have convinced me to ride a bike! You have a wonderful spirit of adventure. Hope the ride starts being level and not so strenuous so that you can relax and glide a bit and let the poems flow!