Sharon Hawley has finished her bicycle trip in Canada for this summer. She hopes to complete the adventure in another year. Please follow her winter adventure at

Route Map

Route Map

Friday, May 29, 2009


The Arid Interior is definitely behind me now. Lush grass and forests replace it. Gardens are just getting started in this northland where the last frost comes late. Corn plants are just emerging, each with two tentative leaves. And hopeful tomato plants are just being moved to gardens from inside where they grew as much a foot tall.

I rode a wide shoulder on a road with less traffic, on gentle grades with little wind, along the North Thompson River. Often, I would top a rise or round a turn, and scenery would magically appear, flung out before me like an open fan.

I stopped for breakfast at a café about four km north of Little Fort, or 29 km south of Clearwater, (in case tiny Little Fort is not on your map) The breakfast was good and the motel stuck me as world class, a perfect place to spend a few easy days and just watch the North Thompson River go by. Rooms cost sixty Canadian dollars and have wireless internet. I would choose Room 6 because it is on the second floor at the end of the building, having the best view of the river. And here is your easy booking information: Rivermount Motel, Campground and Café, phone 250 677 4477 or 866 816 7912, email

I rode on through this wonderland, reaching Clearwater around noon. I like to begin riding early and end early for several reasons. This afternoon it got very hot, and it was good to be finished. Clearwater is a hard town to find your way around in because the Google map of it is far from accurate. Nothing of the town is visible from the highway, and the several parts of it are off on different roads. Still, its Dutch Lake is astoundingly lovely under the snowy peaks, and I am happily settled in a tiny cabin.


  1. If this is not God's country, it must be Buddha's country, or Basho or someone!!! I love these pics and the little cabin makes me so jealous. Bon bon voyages.


  2. Ah, this is just what I wished for you! The fan of beauty opening up and a breeze behind you! And now you have the best of all worlds, you can be in the woods by the river, and STILL be at Caltech Poetry! Everyone loved your presence by Yahoo IM at the Red Door Cafe! Next time you will have to post a POEM during the meeting!

  3. Thanks Lois and Kathabela, it's good to see reflection from other voyeurs, on my path or another. Thanks.